About Us

Alta Jackson, for over 40 years, is passionate about natural health and healthy nutrition, traveling.
Over the years, May-cloud was developed to teach or help people on most of the problems so it has become enriched with editorial content, becoming a full-fledged web-magazine rich in selected information, services and everything that can be part of the sensitive sphere of interest.Alta-Jackson

Thanks to a young and dynamic staff, May cloud is an eye-catching eye on the world of people looking for online, simple, up-to-date information and at the same time authoritative and full of insights.

We are every day close to the needs of our users who like to be informed about fashion trends of the moment, on issues related to health, beauty, and psycho-physical well-being, traveling, wealth but also on gossip and the news of costume and society, etc.

Our categories are updated daily by a wealth of web-editor staff who, depending on the individual skills, work on the different categories. Users have the opportunity to comment on articles and share them on Facebook and other social networks.

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